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Identity or brand identity is what we could also name the character of your business. Brand and identity are not just the colors, the fonts and the images. Identity brings a message, a mission. Brand identity is a way of thinking and acting, a manner of communication.

Building a brand identity is a complicated and continuous process, but it’s all worth it, because your identity is what your clients recognize as a shared value, when buying your product or service. Think of it for a minute – which is the first brand which comes to your mind when you think for a “carbonated beverage” for example? This is how important brand identity is.

Exactly what you need!


We will discuss and define which are your potential users. We will get to know them – what they like, what “language” do they speak.

Value Proposition

We’ll define which exactly is that unique thing you offer to your customers and what additional value does it have for them.


We will create an adequate visual representation of your missions and aims. We will design a logo, we will choose fonts, colors and looks.


We will develop a strategy, which will increase the awareness around your brand, its ways of communication and presentation.


We will analyze the data of your users’ feedback, so we could successfully determine and eliminate any possible drawback.


Users change, brands adapt. We will constantly follow the users’ lead, we will read their signals and we will be up-to-date

Identity turns the mark into a brand!

Be one step ahead!

Let’s work together and turn your business into a brand!


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