Online Shop Development

The digital era provides us with countless possibilities for business development, and the Internet brought down the territorial limits before us – now we are able to offer products and services worldwide. If your business isn’t online yet… Well, it’s about time for it to be!

No matter if you’re a flowers seller, if you own a small cafeteria or if you’re a freelance hydro engineer, you and your business need to have your own personal online space.

Exactly what you need!


Online shop with rich functionality – from multiple product options to UP SALE and CROSS SALE modules.


Integration and configuration of functionalities with modules of the popular forwarding and delivery companies.


Product and category descriptions, content for information pages, commercial content.

Payment methods

Integration and configuration of functionalities with modules for different methods of online payments.

CRM Integration

Integration and configuration of functionalities with modules of various CRM and ERP systems.


Shop developed with a beautiful, functional and user-friendly, responsive mobile version for every mobile device.

Sell your products online worldwide!

Why is it so important to have your own online shop?

Many people who want to run their own (online) business, often underestimate the importance of making an investment for their own personalised space on the Internet in the form of a online shop. Is this a wise thing to do? In most of the cases – absolutely NOT. Developing a business in a space, where you have zero control over what’s happening, could bring enormous negatives for you and your business. The rules and prepositions are changing on a daily basis and quite often entire platforms just “disappear” into the nothingness. You wouldn’t want your well-functioning business to go down with them, would you?

Website 1
Website 2

A matter of great importance is the way your online shop is built. Often beneath the shiny surface lies a bad structure, which is the reason for the so-called “punishments” by searching engines, unpleasant user experience and ongoing functionality issues. Building a website doesn’t only include the design of its spectacular looks, but also creating the proper and stable architecture. We know how to structure your online shop properly. Trust our professionalism! Trust us!

Guarantee your success!

Sometimes one click is all that stands between success and failure. Be successful now!


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