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#1 Basics

The digital era has given us infinite opportunities for business development, and the Internet has lifted territorial limitations – we are now offering products and services worldwide. If your business is still not on the Internet, well… it’s about time for it to be!

Whether you sell flowers, have a little coffee shop or are a freelance hydro engineer, you and your business need to own your personal online space.

Properly laid foundations are the first step towards your success. Let’s do it together!

Let’s start from here

Business consulting

Guidelines for establishing a business and marketing strategy, constructing a website or e-shop, analyzing and optimizing results.

Value proposition

Developing and implementing a value proposition – a strategy for adding extra value for your clients and users.

Website and online shop

Development of corporate, personal, or presentative website. Designing a beautiful online store with plenty of functionalities.

Website and e-shop maintenance

Backups and updates, disk space optimization, code fixes, installation and configuration, auditing, and security measures.

Landing pages

Design and test landing pages that successfully meet the campaign purposes and marketing goals of your business.

Brand identity

Building a brand identity – the character of your business. Vision, message, target audiences, adaptation, and uniqueness.

Let's get your business started together!

Why are basics so important?

If you want to start a successful online business, you need to have your own website or online store. But do you need to invest in a quality website? The answer is – absolutely YES! Because vision is important, but quality architecture is crucial. Often, behind the shiny looks, there is a weak structure, which causes the so-called “penalties” from the search engines, insufficient user experience, and regular functionality issues.

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Developing a business is a complicated yet pretty exciting adventure. Diving into this adventure, you’ll need the knowledge, support, and advice of the experience. It is important that you seek the help of professionals to help you get started without making common mistakes. We have consulted dozens of businesses; we have created functional websites and online stores that generate results on a daily basis. Trust in the experience, trust in us!


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Sometimes a single click makes the difference between success and failure. Be successful now!


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