Hello. We are MarmaLAB.

We design your digital superiority.

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What is MarmaLAB?

Imagine a small band of experienced entrepreneurs, digi marketing ninjas, web virtuosos, super-duper creative copywriters, and all sorts of cheery craftspeople united under some common ideas, missions, and goals. That is MarmaLAB Creative: The super cool agency.

Materializing your dreams and ideas into successful online businesses and recognizable brands is what we do for a living. How do we do that? By using our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and online business development. And we never forget the secret ingredient – a pinch of love!

And if you are looking for someone to sell you their “powdered” illusions, the secrets of success, or a way to get rich in a week, then you are NOT in the right place. However, if you want to develop a long-term strategy and you’re in for some hard work, we will be happy to become a committed partner of yours!

Now that you know who we are, let us show you what we do…

We take care of …

#1 Basics

In order to build a successful business empire, you need to start by first laying down some solid “foundations.” Let’s do it together! Count on us for:

  • Business consultation;
  • Value proposition;
  • Creating a website or e-shop;
  • Website and e-shop maintenance;
  • Creation of landing pages;
  • Brand identity development;


#2 Content

Words have the power to create different attitudes, to provoke sensations, to transmit messages. Our quality content delivers quality results:

  • For the website;
  • For the e-shop;
  • For landing pages;
  • For social networks;
  • For ad campaigns;
  • Blog posts and articles;


#3 Performance

The digital era enabled us to do advanced budgeting of marketing campaigns where we can measure, analyze, and optimize:

  • Facebook marketing;
  • Instagram marketing;
  • Google Ads marketing;
  • Email marketing;
  • Facebook pages maintenance;
  • Digital assets;


We have the skills to help your bold ideas come to life and change the world!

What we’ve

What we usually aim at the end of the day, is making sure we’ve generated a solid bunch of smiles. It’s our favorite part of the job. Making peoples’ dreams come into existence – that’s what we proudly do for a living!

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We are

MarmaLAB Creative

Let's take your business to a new level!

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